TROGOTRONIC COMPILATION II Submission Guide & Agreement

All submissions grant the right for Trogotronic and her publishing partner to publish / distribute said work along with contact information & credit lines.

All submissions of audio and virulent computer viruses will be made via email to subject line “SUBMISSION” containing LINKS to DOWNLOADS of the following data:

  1. An uncompressed Audio Composition using a Trogotronic Instrument (not a symphony in length long mind you; this is a compilation after all).
  2. A Photograph of your rig including the Trogotronic bit.
  3. A text file in .txt format furnishing A. Name of the Project B. Track Title(s) / Track running time / TROGOTRONIC Model(s) Used on the respective tracks for consideration. C. Date / Location of Recording D. Contact URL or E-mail address (all to be published in the liner notes).

Rights Assignment / Agreement:

  • By submitting an email link to you grant Trogotronic and her publishing partner the non-exclusive copyright to publish any data linked to said email.
  • You acknowledge that failure to provide all of the data outlined above will result in automatic disqualification for publishing.
  • You acknowledge that in the event that mastering, reproduction, sound-quality or any other aspect of the music on the release is found to be substandard for any reason, or if there are inadvertent mistakes, omissions, deletions or any other problem with the literature which accompanies the release you will hold Trogotronic and her publishing partner legally harmless beyond the sneaking suspicion that we are in fact complete morons.
  • You may in no way hold Trogotronic responsible for damage or loss to any material sent.
  • You acknowledge that the deadline for submissions is July 1st 2012.
  • You acknowledge that a release date is not yet determined.
  • You grant these rights in good faith & you will hold Trogotronic harmless as well as take full & total financial responsibility / liability for any damages sought from Trogotronic arising from any disputes on your behalf over the rights you grant to us herein for the audio and other data submitted via link to