c1 AB / FX Loop / Kill


Claymore c1 is the Swiss Army Knife of passive true bypass switchers: A/B in, A/B Out, Kill, Mute, FX Loop Send & Receive. Hand-soldered point to point in USA.





Claymore c1 is the Swiss Army Knife of passive true bypass switchers. With 2 discrete channels—both in AND out—abilities expand to 5 distinct duties. Single-switch version has a standard step-on / step-off foot switch; Dual-switch version adds a momentary switch—VERY handy for rapid attack—& handier still, adds a mute function: if step-on / step-off & momentary switches are activated simultaneously Claymore mutes Ch1 output.

Have Feet? Will Travel:

  • Choose 1 of 2 different signal sources (A/B Input)
  • Choose 1 of 2 different outputs (A/B Output)
  • Silence a Signal Source (Kill)
  • Route Signal to Output Dry or Through FX Loop (Send & Receive)
  • Momentarily Mute Both Inputs (Dual Button Only)

Dead-simple passive design means no batteries or power supplies to worry about:

  • Compact Cast-Aluminum Chassis
  • Hand-Soldered Point to Point in USA
  • True Bypass Passive Circuit
  • Designed for Quick/Easy Switchgear Replacement


Not a Lumber Jack? Works GREAT switching between (or adding to) pedal-chains & using alternate signal sources for brute switching knob-jocks & other 1/4″ audio deviants.


  • Cast Aluminum Chassis 4.425″ x 2.4″ x 1.2″ (112mm x 60.5mm x 31mm)
  • Jacks: 1/4″ Phono
  • True Bypass
  • Hand Soldered Point to Point Construction = Easy Switch Replacement.
  • Passive / No Power Required