m05 / Silencer


Power Conditioner / Noise Isolator / 5 Volt Source quiets power supply issues caused by module backwash behavior, conditions voltage & even provides +5v source to the module if needed.


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Let’s face it, part of what makes the “Euro-Ecosystem” so rich is the diversity of modular artisans whose wares range from folksy to mil-spec.
All of these modules have one thing in common: they SHARE the voltage provided by your system’s power supply.
Because the entire community of circuits draw their current from a common source one or more modules can occasionally transmit noise BACK into the power supply which effectively distributes this noise to your entire collection of connected modules.
Enter the m/05 Silencer a modular power conditioner, noise isolator & 5 volt source:

  • Isolate Noisy Module’s Effect Upon Power System
  • Conditions Voltage to Offending Module
  • Provides +5v Source To Module
  • 1000mA Capacity
  • Plug & Play 
  • Worldwide Compatible

The m/05 Silencer is designed to isolate, condition & reduce the effects of this crude power backwash behavior to the quieter minimum we expect from our systems. Furthermore the circuitry provides +5v tap to the conditioned module in case your supply does not.
Install in your case, patch one end to power and the other to the source of the noise and you’re done.


  • Max Capacity 1000mA
  • 2 1/4″ x 1 3/16″ x 7/8″ (60mm x 30mm x 20mm)