m2 / Claymore Floor Control


m/2 Dual Channel Floor Control Accessory for m/12 Detektor

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m/2 Claymore Dual Channel Floor Control is a purpose-built accessory for m/12 Detektor module. It patches to m/12 Trigger Inputs for remote, hands-free, activation configured momentary and / or “stomp on~stomp off” activation. Dead-simple passive design hand soldered point to point means rugged construction & no batteries or power supplies to worry about. Ships with 2 long patch cords.


  • Format = Floor Control
  • Width = 3.75″ (12cm)
  • Length = 4.75″ (9.5cm)
  • Channels = 2
  • Switchgear = Momentary &/or On/Off
  • Peak Current Load = 0mA (Passive)


List of Included Parts

  • m/2 Claymore Floor Control
  • Printed Instructions
  • Warranty Card
  • (2) 6′ (183cm) Patch Cord


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